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The following lectures are confirmed:

Automotive Lighting (AL) - Reutlingen
Lecturer: Dipl. Ing. Martin Kränzler - Central Manufacturing Material & Process Engineering
Topic: "AL BMC Injection Molding of Headlamps and treatment of the injected parts"
      • Headlamps and the use of BMC
      • Injection and tooling
      • Treatment
      • Final product and his characteristics

Robert Bosch Gmbh, Renningen & Institüt für Kunststoffverarbeitung an der RWTH Aachen
Lecturer: M. Sc. Larissa Kutscha, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Apelt, Prof.Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann
Topic: "BMC for Optical Components, development of a UV-based In-Mold Coating Process"
      • In-Mold-Coating Process (ICM) - as used in BMC production.
      • ICM used for the making of optical elements
      • Influence parameters regarding to the ply adhesion
      • etc.

AVK - Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V.
Lecturer: Dr. Elmar Witten
Topic: "Trend and developments in the composites market with Outlook and Challenges"
      • Development of the overall market
      • Development of the individual market segments

Crepim (France) - one of the major European Laboratories for development and the approval of materials covered by fire regulations
Lecturer: Skander Khelifi
Topic: "EN45545-2 Standard 2018-2020 - Fire safety regulation in Europe for Railway"
      • What is this Standard standing for ?
      • Test specification
      • Interpertation of results
      • Evolution of the EN45545-2 Standard

Nabasco / NPSP (Netherlands) Natural Powered Speed Products
Lecturer: Rolf Groot & Mark  Lepelaar
Topic: "The use of Natural fibres in BMC after 2 years of Development, now in Production process and
final products"

Underwriters Laboraties - UL.com (United States)
Lecturer: Marion Balke
Topic: " Performance Testing according to Automotive Standards"

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